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Please see below for detailed introduction in Japanese (Jun Ohsugi's Book Review Blog):
Helene Uchida's "English Garden" = Kodomo no Kokusairyoku wo Sodateru EIGO NO NIWA= is a book written especially for parents and teachers on how to plant the seeds of English in young children. It is translated into Japanese and introduces many concrete and easy to understand examples of how to teach English to your child at home.

Let us know if you want Helene to autograph it!

  • Publisher: Iwasaki Shoten
  • Size:19 × 11cm/175 pages
  • Level:General
  • ISBN:978-4-265-80253-1


I read this book in one stretch. It made me wish I could return to the early days with my children fifty years ago!
Miki, Hiroshima

I love your book, English Garden. It is my Bible.
Natsumi, Hokkaido

The contents are clear, focused and simple. The words in the chapters are full of love. The activities are understandable and persuasive. This book is excellent!
Shin'ei, Kumamoto

Hope many moms will get some good tips from your book when they try to learn English with kids at home. My older daughter named our extra room, "English Garden School"; we have posters, a huge World Map and pictures. Before we go in, we have to knock the door and say, "May I come in?" My younger daughter is copying everything her sister says. It’s FUN!
Yuno, Fukuoka

I just finished reading "English Garden”. This book is a real masterpiece. I'm absolutely sure this book will help many mothers who are interested in English.
Rumi, Fukuoka

I really have enjoyed reading ENGLISH GARDEN, and it’s so helpful! I also gave it to my friend as a baby gift. I believe this book will be a big help for mothers who want their children to be bilingual. Don't miss out on checking Helene's 10 pieces of advice!
Hisano, Hamamatsu

I enjoyed English Garden as an adventure of one passionate woman/mother exploring the world full of the unknown. I was moved by how bravely the author faced her life. I even got my wife to read it and she liked it!
Yoshi, Fukuoka

The methods of teaching English to children and infants are described in very concrete ways. And the philosophy of cultivating internationalism through the understanding of different cultures is shared throughout the book. I am looking forward to Uchida’s next book!
Hiroshi, Tokyo

We have no children, but I want to recommend this book. I think English Garden is not only for English teachers, mothers and fathers but also for business managers who cannot educate their subordinates because they don't know how to teach them. This book will be good advice for them. Yes, language is important, but love comes first. I love this sentence!
Kaori, Kagoshima

The book is a marvelous masterpiece. I already got three copies, one for me, and the others for mothers. When I attend the next TEMI Seminar, I would like Helene to autograph mine for me!
Yoko, Fukuoka

"English Garden" offers you an enjoyable way to introduce your child to English language and culture. I found the book well-organised, user-friendly and full of good ideas. Helene-sensei takes you by the hand and leads you through the process. All you have to do is follow - and enjoy.
Joan Boesen, Associate Professor (EFL), Copenhagen, Denmark

I came across this book just when I was thinking about how I could prepare an English environment for my child. The basics of English education that the author believes important, the cultural differences she discovered while raising her son bilingually, the concrete examples of how to expose your child to English at home...The book is easy to read and full of ideas. By the time you finish reading it, you feel like, "Okay, I can do it!" It encourages you to enjoy raising your child in the English garden.
Yumi, Tokyo

I bought the book for my niece in Japan. She loved it and said she will start teaching English to her two-year-old daughter the way things are outlined in the book. I look forward to the day the child will meet my American husband and be able to speak to him in English!
Minako, San Francisco

Full of ideas for moms who want to teach their kids English at home! When you think about your child's future, I am sure there are many parents who wish their child could speak English when they grow up: " I wish my child would be be able to talk with everyone around the world without hesitation." I have looked into many English conversation schools and tried out all sorts of English materials. And then I found this book. It was truly an eye-opener to me because Helene introduces all these "Easy ways to study English at home." For many of the examples, you do not even have to prepare anything special! Reading this book, I learned that you can study English through daily life at home. In the appendix, you find a list of easy conversation to be used daily between parent and child. All these you can start using from the day you read the book! This book is a MUST for mothers who want their child to be able to speak English.
Miyuki, Kumamoto

When I started learning English in junior high school, it was a major subject, not a tool for communication. Reading and writing were more important than speaking. So I never imagined there were learning methods, such as listening to and learning English in a fun and natural way from a young age. If I had learned English like this, studying English would have been much more fun.
This book is not just about enjoyable ways to learn/teach English. The author, who has lived in Japan for more than 40 years, talks about the cultural differences between the US and Japan and how she raised her son bilingually. This is much more than a book on language acquisition as it covers a wide range of topics.
M.K., Tokyo

I read your book and it inspired me a lot. I’ve been thinking about multiculturalism and multilingualism especially after Risako was born. The more I searched, the more I was confused, but after I read about the importance of love and respect,  I could be more confident in how to face the challenges. You’re such a wonderful model as a mom and teacher, and I respect all of your family. I feel so grateful to meet you all. 
Noriko, Aichi

ママがお家でできる英語教育のヒントがいっぱい!!! 親として子どもの将来を考えると、英語が使えるそして話せる大人に育って欲しいと思う方は多いでしょう。私自身、子どもには、世界中の人と臆することなく話すことができるようになってほしいと思っています。
付録として書かれている「子どもへの英語の声掛けガイド」では、 よくある親子の日常会話を簡単な英語でいうとどうなるか一覧表にしてあり、読んだその日から実践できます!!! 英語が話せる子どもに育って欲しいと思うお母さん達にぜひおすすめしたい1冊です。
"English Garden" offers you an enjoyable way to introduce your child to English language and culture. I found the book well-organised, user-friendly and full of good ideas. Helene-sensei takes you by the hand and leads you through the process. All you have to do is follow - and enjoy.
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