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Elementary School Challenge Book #2 & CD

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The long-awaited continuation of Challenge Book #1, filled with more student-focused challenges which build self-confidence in young learners.

Challenge Books #1 & #2 were created especially for Japanese elementary school students to help them take their first steps into English in a challenging and interesting way while building a strong English foundation for the future.

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What is it?

Challenge Book #2 is a three-year program consisting of “manageable” challenges for students who have successfully completed Challenge Book #1. Challenges start off simply and progress in difficulty as the students advance from the first year (red), to the second year (pink) to the third year (purple) section. Upon completion of Challenge Book #2, students have a strong sense of English basics along with the confidence to socially interact in fundamental English and are ready for Challenge Book #3, a special interactive book for junior high and high school students.

How does it work?

A recommendation from our customer

“This book is a superb continuation for advanced elementary school students who have mastered Challenge Book #1. My students are not only motivated to move ahead at their own speed but also exhibit confidence in English, which is a rare commodity in Japan.”

Jeff Burns, Nagasaki


Level: Elem. School
Product Size: B5
Number of Pages: 64
ISBN: 9784947736772

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