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Find Your Way 3 Maze Life【Awesome Adventure series】

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Awesome Adventure Series (Level 4)
Find Your Way (Reader3) Maze Life

Are you ready for a new approach?

The Awesome Adventure Series is an innovative series that combines:
- Award-Winning Multi-Path Graded Comic Readers
- Great music that children genuinely love
- Creative games, activities and problem solving tasks

This Series will give your students a real reason to COMMUNICATE!

Awesome Adventure Series Level 4 is ideal for elementary school students who have been studying English for a couple of years and have a range of basic vocabulary as well as some knowledge of basic English Grammar.

By constantly recycling language in different contexts, the series gradually builds up enough language and confidence for the learners to work collaboratively to do things such as:

- Design a city of the future.
- Find a planet that will sustain life.
- Battle evil robots that are trying to pollute the Earth.

By the end of the course the learners will build considerable knowledge of vocabulary and phrases and develop a higher degree of confidence and motivation towards learning English.

The Awesome Adventure Series is a great complement to more grammar focused courses.

This series, which contains the award winning Here Come the Unicorns, is a set of four graded comic readers with audiobooks. It follows four main characters Kahlo, Taylor, Nina and Declan as they make their way through a maze, solving problems and learning in their owan way. This quirky action packed adventure helps young learners to reflect on the seemingly complex themes of motivation, multiple intelligences , frendship and how we learn things.
Leveled at low A1 to A1, this series is perfect for beginner English learners from ages 7 to 16. The multi-path adventure style employed puts the reader right in the adventure and ensures that they are comprehending and thinking actively as they read.

Though the series is action packed with zany characters and a crazy plot, it is designed to make learners think and has a truly relevant theme, which touches on a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Age Range:7-16
CEFR: A1 - Low A2

English Type: American
ISBN : 9784910155173

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