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TEMI is Teaching English Methods Institute, a non-profit organization.

Here are some questions & answers related to our Bookstore customers.

Q1: Who is it for?

A: TEMI is a community for teachers, administrators and organizations involved with teaching English in Japan from preschool to adults.

Q2: What are the benefits of becoming a TEMI member?

A: There are lots of benefits!
① 20% discount on Little America original items and 15% on others
② 10% discount on TEMI Online Teacher Training Seminars and 10% discount for Little America lessons

   And many more! For details, please see TEMI's homepage.

Q3: What are TEMI Online Seminars?

A: TEMI Online Seminars are Teacher Training seminars designed to help English teachers upgrade their teaching skills and make English come alive in their classes.
   You will find answers to questions like, "How should I teach this?" "Is it okay to speak Japanese when I teach?", etc.
   There is also time to share each other's ideas and opinions.
   Now, thanks to Zoom, you can meet us and participate from the comfort of your own home or school.

Q4: How much is the membership fee?

A: The initial yearly fee is 3,000 yen.
   If renewed by the expiration date, the yearly fee will be 2,000 yen.
   A good deal for those who spend more that 30,000 yen on materials per year!