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Elementary School Challenge Book #1 & CD


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The Challenge Book will surely change the way you teach & your students learn! Give your students English challenges which increase in difficulty each month. The CD is ideal for students to listen to & learn to speak with a native speaker step-by-step! Student tested & approved in Japan.

Challenge Books #1 & #2 were created especially for Japanese elementary school students to help them take their first steps into English in a challenging and interesting way while building a strong English foundation for the future.

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What is it?

Challenge Book #1 is a three-year program consisting of “manageable” challenges, which start off simply and progress in difficulty as the children advance from the first year (blue section), to the second year (yellow section) to the third year (green) section. Upon completion of Challenge Book #1, students can graduate to Challenge Book #2, consisting of three more years of more difficult challenges in the pink, red and purple sections. Upon completion of each book, students have a strong sense of English basics along with the confidence to socially interact in fundamental English.

How does it work?

Phil Yee shares how his students are using Challenge Book #1 at his e-kids English school in Mie.

Recommendations from our customers

My student who is in the sixth grade, took the entrance test for a ”good” junior high school last weekend. Today, she came to class and thanked me. Apparently, this year as part of the interview test, they unexpectedly made the students give an introductory speech in English. They've never requested this before. Thanks to The Challenge Book (and Self-introduction poster), my student aced it! She said, ”I knew I could do it because we had practised so many times, I had confidence!”

That's why I love The Challenge book. It gives students confidence in themselves and their English ability.

by Tracey Yamamoto, Wakayama


As my family is going abroad for a few years, and my children will be going to an English speaking school, I have been looking for a book series that can help to quickly and effectively elevate their English proficiency. I tried different systems, but it was not until I was introduced to Little America's Elementary School Challenge Book that it really started to work for my children. Thank you for an excellent book and learning system. I can only give my highest recommendations!”

by Thomas Boesen (Denmark & now United Arab Emirates)


I completed a full year of teaching my elementary school students using your Challenge Book and I must say teaching kids is not the work it used to be. Furthermore, my students have been far more enthusiastic about completing their assignments than in years past. I've also have had many parents coming to me with questions and advice, so I would conclude that through your series parents are feeling more connected and thus are more willing to be involved with their kids' English study. Thank you!

by Donald Gibson, Nagoya


Before my wife and I started our school ten years ago, I attended a week-long, one-on-one training course at Little America's headquarters in Fukuoka. Highly impressed with the teachers, students, and curriculum I encountered there, we adopted Little America as a model for our school. At the center of Little America's curriculum were the Challenge Books, textbooks designed by Helene to specifically serve the needs of elementary students in Japan. For ten years now the Challenge Books have served as the backbone of our elementary school curriculum, and we will continue to use them in the years ahead. The Challenge Books and accompanying CDs are highly motivating, user-friendly, and tailored to kids in Japan. They enable students to step-by-step acquire themed vocabulary and to master simple and useful questions and grammar patterns. We have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of students complete the Challenge Books during their elementary school years with us, and can say with confidence that the books helped to foster in them positive feelings towards learning English and to build a firm foundation for English study in junio r high school and beyond.

by Jon Bauer, Hamamatsu


Another reason I love the Challenge Book and TEMI. A visitor came yesterday, a nine-year-old girl who had been studying at a big chain school since she was three. Her mother was dismayed to see she could not say the alphabet (she sang it) and couldn't successfully complete any of the first grade challenges. After joining my lesson for an hour, her mother was delighted! Her daughter was doing dictionary work, poster work and successfully introduced herself after listening to the Challenge Book CD. Her mother signed her up there and then! Thank you very much!

by Tracey Yamamoto, Wakayama


Level: Elem. School
Product Size: B5
Number of Pages: 64
ISBN: 9784947736888

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