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Challenge Book #3 & CD


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Capture the interest of adolescents with Challenge Book#3, filled with challenges geared to junior high & high school students.

Challenge Book #3 was created especially for Japanese junior high and high school students to help them build their English skills in a challenging and interesting way, by enabling them to have many chances to interact with their partner about topics that especially interest adolescents.

What is it?

Challenge Book #3 is a three-year program consisting of “manageable” challenges, which start off simply and progress in difficulty as the students advance. Students focus on one challenge per month. All the monthly challenges target topics adolescents are interested in, namely: family, friends, school, sports, clubs, hobbies and home.

How does it work?

The student focuses on one challenge per month by answering the questions for that challenge, after which the teacher checks it and makes corrections if needed. The student then practices the challenge with a classmate each class of the month. At the end of the month, the student takes a Challenge Book test. If he/she passes, then the student can advance to the next challenge for the next month.

Recommendations from our customers

An encounter with Challenge Book #3 lets students acquire English naturally and nurtures them into becoming international people. My students now have self-confidence expressing themselves in English. I wish the same for other English teachers. Since using Challenge Book #3. I cannot imagine teaching English to junior high and high school students without it. I would recommend Challenge Book #3 to teachers who sincerely want to help students acquire English ability! I am convinced that splendid results will follow.

Yukari Nuruyu

I use Challenge Book #3 for my junior and senior high school students. It includes a wide variety of contents. Students learn expressions to use in their daily life and are able to listen to and speak them. This textbook is easy for students to learn and is easy for teachers to teach. I highly recommend it.

Yuko Sasahara


Level: Junior High - Senior High
Product Size: B5
Number of Pages: 74
ISBN: 9784947736666

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