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Try to collect the most pairs of family members by asking other players, "Do you have a sister/brother, grandmother, etc?" Students MUST interact in English to win!

GO HOME is a game which teaches students how to refer to family members in English. It is new slant, based on the old traditional game "Go Fish."

Number of players: 2-7

Level: elementary school to junior high school Contents: 40 cards (four of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, sister, brother, baby, family)

Pre-game warm-up: Show the students one card from each category and have them repeat after you. For example, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, sister, brother, baby, family. Then let the students practice the question, "Do you have a (family member)?" as you show one card at a time.

Directions: The dealer deals each student 5 cards face-down. The rest of the cards are placed face-down on the table. The students then look at their cards. The dealer goes first and asks any student if he has a family member he wants. For example, "Taro, do you have a sister?" If the student has the card, he says. "Yes, I do." And the dealer says, "May I have the her, please?" To which the student replies, "Here you are," and hands the dealer the card. If the student does not have the card, he says "GO HOME." And the dealer will pick a card from the card pile. Then the student to the left of the dealer asks any student a question, for example, "Junko, do you have a grandmother?" If Junko does not have a grandmother card in her hand, she says, "No, I don't. GO HOME." And the player picks a card from the card pile. And the next student goes. When a student has two-of-a kind family member, he can put the pair down. When there are no more cards in the GO HOME pile, the student can say, "I can't go home," to which the group can reply in unison, "Too bad." This usually generates chuckles from everyone. The game continues until all of the cards have been made into sets of two-of-a-kind family members. The player with the most sets WINS! The winner gives a presentation on his/her family by saying:

There are _______people in my family, my mother, my father__________and me.

Note to Teachers: The students naturally differentiate between genders because they have to use the correct pronouns for the words. For example, Do you have a brother? May I have HIM, please?

Level: Elem. School - Adult
Product Size: 14 x 9.5 cm
Number of Pieces: 40

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