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Giant Action Verb Flash Cards


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Lively English at your fingertips. Learn about the present, past & future tenses of action verbs while having fun with classmates.

CONTENTS: cook, dance, draw, drink, eat, jump, kiss, listen to, paint, play (tennis), play (the flute), read, ride (a bicycle), run, sew, shake hands, sing, sit, skate, stand, swim, walk, write, type

This set of verb flash cards is ideal for high school pair practice, verb gesturing and team competition. Since they are big, the teacher can hold one card up in front of a large high school class, and every student will be able to see it.

There are many ways to play the cards. Here are four recommended techniques:

Method#1: The teacher shows the card to the class and the students name the verb.

Method#2: The teacher shows one student the card: the teacher shows one student the card: the teacher then asks the class, “What is he doing?”. The student gestures the verb action and the class guesses. The first student to guess the verb correctly wins the card. The student who accumulates the most cards is the winner.

Method#3: The teacher asks the class the questions on the back of the verb card. For example: SING

1. What is he doing?(He is singing.)
2. Can you sing? (Yes, I can. No, I can’t. Yes, a little.)
3. Can your father sing? (Yes, I can. No, he can’t. Yes, a little.)
4. Can your mother sing?(Yes, she can. No, she can’t. Yes a little.)
5. Do you like singing? ( Yes, I do. No, he can’t. Yes a little.)
6. What does he do today? ( He sings.)
7. What did you he do yesterday? (He sang.)
8. What will he do tomorrow? (He will sing.)
9. Please spell SING.(S-I-N-G)
10. Do you want to sing tomorrow?(Yes, I do. No, I don’t.)
11. Use SING in a sentence.

Method#4: Divide the class into pairs. Give each student one card. One student asks his/her partner all the questions on the card and then the other student does the same with his/her card. Then have all pairs pass the two cards forward and receive two new cards. Repeat the procedure.

Helpful Hint: Lower level students should just ask the first three or four questions. After mastering those grammatical constructions, they can advance toward the more difficult questions. Higher level students can try the variations. (For example, the variations for SING are HUM or HARMONIZE.) The verbs introduced in this packet are: sing, sew, read, write, jump, paint, cook, listen to, stand, run, dance, sit, shake (hands), skate, type, eat, play (tennis), play (the flute), swim, draw, drink, walk, ride a bicycle and kiss. (The last verb always guarantees lots of laughs!)

Giant Action Verb Flash Cards are a wonderful resource for teachers because they trigger real English interaction between the students in an enjoyable and educational way. This is one instructional tool that truly encourages students to focus on the material (cards) and each other for success. The teacher eventually becomes ‘unnecessary’ as the pupils chatter to each other in the structured target language. They can do it!

Level: Elem. School - Adult

Product Size: 20 x 14 cm
Number of Pieces: 24

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