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Preschool & Kindergarten Challenge Book with Audio


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Preschool & Kindergarten Challenge Book with Audio

Preschool & Kindergarten Challenge Book with Audio was created by popular demand. Now preschoolers can also master English challenges each month. This unique book introduces youngsters to the sound and rhythm of English in a natural and entertaining way. Interactive audio QRcord is included. Help plant the seeds of confidence in your preschool students!

The Preschool Challenge Book was created especially for Japanese preschoolers to give them a warm and friendly introduction to English.

What is it?

The Preschool Challenge Book & CD consists of easy-to-learn English classifications (challenges), which harness a child’s interest and booster confidence.

How does it work?

In class, as a five-minute activity, the students sit with their books and point to the classifications (challenges) as they sing along with the sound. Classifications/songs include: the ABC's, counting 1-10, colors, self-introduction, zoo animals, fruit, vegetables, farm animals, counting 1-20, and the Good Morning Song. The teacher signs the classification page when the child has mastered it.

At home, a parent can test the child if the teacher has signed the classification page. If the child passes the test, the parent can affix a stamp or a seal to the page. Each child progresses at his own pace.

This way, the teacher and parent work as a team and the parent has a good sense of what the child is learning.

A recommendation from our customer

“My five- and six-year olds have learned all the basics with this interactive book and CD. They love the rhythm and the songs. Best of all is the stamp that the moms give them at home for mastering each mini-challenge. This way the moms and the kids are both happy!”

Rhonda Suzuki, Saitama


David Chandler in Osaka of ABCDavid's English School is sharing how his preschoolers use The Preschool Challenge Book.

Thank you, David, for teaching English with such SMILES!


Two-year-olds using the PRESCHOOL CHALLENGE BOOK at Tracey Yamamoto’s English Preschool in Wakayama.

Level: Pre-School
Product Size: B5
Number of Pages: 16
ISBN: 9784947736390

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