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Little America Elementary School English Teaching Materials Webinar via ZOOM! FREE! (March 5th)

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Date: March 5th (Sun)
Time:  10:00AM-12:00PM ... English session by Helene Uchida
1:00PM- 3:00PM ... Japanese session by Soshi Uchida

We would like to invite you to Little America Elementary School English Teaching Materials Webinar which will be held on March 5th.
This FREE ZOOM seminar will be focused on teaching materials for elementary school students. We will introduce and show you how to use innovative teaching materials that will make English come alive in the elementary school classroom.
If you would like to nurture your students with positive English experiences, then this is the seminar for you!
Come and join with your friends and colleagues!
The morning session will be in English, and the afternoon in Japanese.
You are free to join either one or both!

To Apply:  Please email the information below to Sakiko Kojima:
     ① Name 
     ② Name of school 
     ③ Home address (for first timers)          
     ④ Contact TEL# 
     ⑥ Session you wish to join (Morning / Afternoon / Both) 
Application Deadline: March 1st(Wed)

*There will also be a Special Bargain Sale Just for Attendees (2/5-11)
Don't miss it!