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1-2-3 Action set product

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1-2-3 Action! is really taking off! More & more teachers have asked us for the props we use in our video presentation. As a special service for Little America Mail Order customers, we have put together this special discounted 1 2 3 Action! Set for YOU. The students use the book for their Hollywood Interviews & rehearsals.Students hold the microphone for their Hollywood Interviews.

The Director (teacher or student) uses the "clapper" saying the following to the actors:

"Are you ready?"

"Take 1."

"1-2-3- Action!"


Join the fun & make English come alive in your classroom.

(This set is only available to Little America Mail Order customers.)

The following 3 products are included in this set.

RS284 1-2-3 Action! & CD (RS284)

RS284 1-2-3 Action! Clapper (RS287)

RS301 Hollywood Interview Microphone (RS301)

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