Beginner's English Karuta【幼児・小学生にオススメ 英語教材・カード】


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★Have fun and learn your first 100 words before elementary school classes start by playing "Karuta".

A great motivation for learning English! Including posters with easy conversation and more games!
Complete with audio support!

Make teams to see which group answers first. As each clue is read, students race to guess it! 48 photographic cards; 3 clues on each reader's card. This game helps students think in English, under pressure, in a fun, entertaining way.

Ideal for small or big classes.

CONTENTS: animal, apple, bear, cat, cabbage, dog, dragonfly, eraser, elephant, fish, flower, ・・・・・

(This game works well with students from kindergarten to elementary school level)

Level: kindergarten - Elem. school 
Product Size: (box size) 117×185×23mm
Number of Pieces: 48×2
ISBN: 9784533128851

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