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JGO Aqua (level 1) is a fun Q&A card game for learning Japanese. Its

content is based on the best-selling AGO Q&A Aqua card game,

adapted into simple Japanese.

Beginner students of Japanese, including those encountering the language

for the first time will find this game a fun way to practice asking and

answering 36 simple and useful Japanese questions. Players will

naturally learn the associated grammar and vocabulary in the course of

playing the game. 18 ‘Action cards’ are also included in the playing

deck to make sure playing JGO Aqua is a lot of fun!

JGO’s 36 question cards are all illustrated to add context and most

feature labelled relevant vocabulary for players to learn. Model answers

are given as well. The meaning of the questions can often be derived

from the illustrations on the cards, plus a translation is available

from the AGO website (

The cards feature Japanese script (hiragana, katakana, and a few simple

kanji) subtitled with romaji characters (i.e. the alphabet) – to make

it easy for beginners to read the cards, while also allowing some

opportunity for players to practice identifying the function of the

Japanese characters, too.

By design, each time a game is played, the cards will present themselves

in a different, random order, and players get to spend equal time both

asking and answering each of the questions. This leads to players

quickly become familiar with the grammar and vocabulary targets on the

cards, and developing a deeper understanding of the target language each

time they play.

JGO Aqua is an invaluable tool for the casual student of Japanese,

including those just dipping their toes in the language for the first

time. In the classroom, it is best used as part of a fun lesson warm up

(that gets everyone speaking), or played at the end of a lesson as a

treat for working hard in class!


54 Cards, rule sheet.

(36 question cards,

18 action cards)

2-6 players

Ages 6+

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