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Quiz Me! Business English Conversation Cards - Starter, Pack 1

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Quiz Me! is a range of conversation card game packs aimed at lower-medium level adults in a general or business class.

Your students can have fun and gain confidence speaking English with the help of topics they can really talk about; their lives, experiences, preferences and more!

Each pack contains 54 different glossy topic cards in a handy plastic case with an instruction card in English and Japanese.

Each card has a colour spot with a number. Players simply take turns to lay cards matching the colour or number then ask the questions to get other players talking.

We think you would enjoy a game best with 2-6 players, but why not try it with more!

Whether you choose Quiz Me! as a regular shorter activity or simply to fill a time gap, it's a fun and challenging option.

For more information and to get a FREE GAME BOARD DOWNLOAD, please visit this products webpage.

Business Starter

A fun way for lower level students to develop confidence talking about themselves and their work.

54 gloss finish cards plus an English/Japanese instruction card, in a plastic box.

ISBN: 4573205120256

出版社: Paul's English Games

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