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Ready, Set, Eigo! Card Game Level1【小学生・中学生にオススメ 英語教材・カード】


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About this item

  • English Matching Game
  • 1 round about 10 minutes
  • English and Japanese instruction manual included.
  • The cards are the same size as a regular card game, making them easy to hold and shuffle.
  • Family Fun
  • Includes 124 useful English words photos.
  • The rules are simple.
  • Set of 62 illustrated cards and 66 instruction cards
  • Designed by Native English Teachers

How can you use this game in the classroom?

This game was designed in an English learning environment. It is perfect for teachers of elementary-aged students and helps teach foundational vocabulary that helps children gain confidence in reading comprehension. If your students are not native speakers of English, then we recommend taking a few weeks using the picture cards as flashcards to teach them the vocabulary. There are 124 pictures in total. When it comes time to play the game, make sure the kids understand the cards they have in their hands. If kids don't know how to read a particular word, they then can ask you for clarification. It doesn't take long for kids to learn all the words. Another challenge for kids who can't read is having them read out loud the description cards. In this case, you as the teacher, can step in and read the DESCRIPTION cards on their behalf. The students still take turns drawing the description cards, but you will read the cards.  If your students can read, then they will play the game as the instruction manual says.  A huge reason why this game was created was to allow students to utilize the language they learn in the classroom in a fun and practical way. When a student puts down a good match you can sense their feeling of accomplishment. When a student puts down a hilarious match such as matching "toilet" with the "It's stinky" DESCRIPTION card it creates unforgettable moments of laughter.  This game is also great for use in native-level educational institutes such as Elementary schools, international schools, junior high schools, and so on. ;

See the video.


Number of players:
Age: Elementary school to adults (Ages 6+)
Product size: ‎14.1 x 9.8 x 2.9 cm
ISBN: 4580726280017

Instructions in English and Japanese.

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