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Challenge Book #4 & CD


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Created exclusively for university students and adults. Interactive & student friendly.

Challenge Book #4 was created especially for Japanese university students and adults to help them build their English skills in a stimulating and challenging way, by enabling them to have many chances to interact with their partner and teacher about topics that especially interest adults.

What is it?

Challenge Book #4 is an on-going program consisting of “manageable” challenges written especially for Japanese adults. The challenges start off simply and progress in difficulty as the students advance, focusing on one challenge per month. All the monthly challenges target topics which interest adults, namely: family, friends, school, work, sports, clubs, hobbies, vacations, music, restaurants, concerts, movies and home.

How does it work?

The students focus on one challenge per month by answering, in writing, the questions for that challenge, which the teacher checks, making corrections if needed. The students then practice the challenge with classmates each class of the month. By the end of the month, the students have mastered the challenge and take a Challenge Book test administered by the teacher or school staff. Then the student can advance to the next challenge for the next month. The Challenge Book offers experiential English, which builds confidence and social skills for adult students.

A recommendation from our customer

Yesterday, I handed out surveys at my university classes, which use Challenge Book #4. All the students (about 80) gave very positive comments. They are especially happy about the class format, textbook, and doing presentations in front of the class once every two weeks! After reading all their comments, I really felt compelled to tell you and thank you for creating the perfect course material for Japanese university students. “Un grand MERCI!”

I am using in pretty much all my University Zoom classes and the students really enjoy it. It works also very well with the Breakout Rooms.

Regis de Lavison, Fukushima


Challenge Book #4 has been a great support for my Oral Communication class. Before starting classes with this textbook, I was worried that my students might be reluctant to give speech presentations, but there was nothing to worry about. The students gave their presentations lively and seemed to be enjoying it. With each presentation, I could see that their speech skills were improving.
Since the speeches are made according to templates, classmates can understand them easily, and it is easy for teachers to correct them. Above all, it is great that classes can be carried out mainly by the students' English activities. The time put into class preparation and the pressure for it have been greatly reduced. Furthermore, the feedback in class questionnaires was all positive.
I am grateful to Helene for this textbook, which was born from her passion and experience in teaching English.

Azusa Kibushi, Niigata


Level: University - Adult
Product Size: B5
Number of Pages: 63
ISBN: 9784947736550

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